Question: Name changes of accounts with traffic

Hey guys I was looking at some affiliate forums that I have been inactive on and I saw a Instagram CPA thread.

One of the methods that an OP claimed he was using to drive traffic to his IG accounts was this.

Context: The CPA method was claiming to be a brand then creating a fake IG for e.g. Amazon.BlackFriday then claiming your doing some GC giveaway etc get $ from CPA have a large following before you account gets banned change the name and delete posts (Thats how I think it worked anyway)

Quoted From OP: " Since people were changing the name at a certain follower amount you were able to pick up the account once they renamed the account. Once you did that you would just be getting followers coming in from the promotion that user account had. The amount of followers you gain depends on the rate of which that account was getting followers. "

Question: Now I was thinking is it possible to get a tool or something what could search for users, with “x” amount of followers and has changed his username within “x” amount of minutes/hours. I know if the tool was searching for users with 10K amount of followers for e.g. and changed it would be a hella of a lot so maybe be able to search for users what have certain words in there username or have posted certain words in there posts. (*Even if it’s not for CPA if an account is getting traffic from something and you use one of your IG accounts whats on the end of the warming up proccess, I don’t see the harm?

Then have a program what has loaded aged IG accounts blah blah and as soon as a account with your settings requrements is abailable it gets snatched?

Extra Info: I know there are programs out there what claim OG names, as soon as they are name swiched for sale. If this is possible it could be usefull for more than just CPA and BH ideas.

Anyway just wanted to see what ideas and thoughts people come up with, note * I did use the serch feature twice before posting this thread and couldnt find anything related so if some one has create a thread on this topic forgive me.