Question on Snapchat Stories

Hey i am pretty new to Snapchat. But my stories icon lights up purple and i know that it indicates i have stories to see. I normally click on it and then i can see the stories at the top of the page. But today twice the icon lighted up purple and i clicked it there were no new stories. Does that mean somebody on my friends list is sending out stories only to certain people or a group or blocking me from seeing the story? Thank you

I’d love to help, but unfortunately, I can’t :slight_smile:

Dunno why, but I have a feeling @HenryCooper also uses snapchat for marketing, or I’m wrong?

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I am involved but I don’t “do” :smiley: . Sorry can’t help with this one .

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try un-installing and re-installing the app, seems like a bug to me

no that’s just your internet connection with snapchat a not so good connection it’s like you never watched the new ones it just take time for snap chat to catch. It happens every time you open the app right?

I tried reinstalling it and that didnt work. I think it maybe people posting stories but blocking me from seeing it or posting stories only to certain people.

No not everytime. Just like 3 times recently. I think it maybe somebody posting stories and blocking me from seeing them or posting stories to certain people or a group. Do you think that is the case?

Nah when some one post a story it’s gonna always show up they can’t block you from seeing their story if they are following you and you are following them. Now they can send snaps to certain people and no one else will see it. So if they are doing that it wouldn’t even pop up when you open snapchat. most of the time it’s the internet connection and it takes snapchat some time to catch up it’s a common issue cause some times you can watch a snap close the app and it shows that you didn’t even watch or it will give you the notification of a new snap even though you already watched it

Snapchat won’t give you a notification without it actually being there. Check your internet connection or restart the app and you should be good