Question ,please help

Hi. Im from spain and i have many ig accounts. The problem is proxy ....and phone verification.i buyed ig accs from buyaccs and are usa pva with text plus .now text plus dont work anymore to verify ig accs (not working for me ) so in my country i can buy real sim cards to verify my accs .cost 1.50 $ one sim .it fine for me .Sometime ig ask me phone verification and i need to use new number .will be any problem if my ig accs is running on usa ip and i verify it with spanish number ? i cant get spanish proxy …are very very expensive about 10$ one proxy ,this is insane .
can someone give me any idea how to use them ? thank you


you can use us proxies and spain sims without a problem


Text plus and a lot of these other free PV services , do work for some people , but normally they do more damage then good .


are you sure ? …i mean …being on usa ip and verify from spain ? thank you for your answer

yes …you right , i don`t use free services .i tryed to find usa phone service online …but i feel that real sim cards are the best .

yes have usa ip’s and have sims from many countries and works ok
read the forum… most people do the same

i use my android to create an account and then once its warm and alive it never asks me for a phone number i create new account with email so I dont understand why you are having these problems,i understand facebook you need sim but for IG i have not seen this yet i only use one cellphone and have over 50 pages i made with it

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Yes it works USA proxies with other country sims. No problem.

Agree, IG just make sure you are real human, so we can verified cross country with different Sims.

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i have link on my bio and i`m doing follow and unfollow using a bot .i follow about 1k daily

thank you all for your answers .
anyone used one number for more than one ig acc?

Yes, you can get away with 2-3 accounts per number, but if one account gets flagged other 2 could be in danger too.
Ideally 1 account - 1 proxy - 1 phone number :slight_smile: