[Question] Posting with Jarvee

Hi all,

Last week I started using Jarvee to post on an account I’m managing. The account usually logs in from the US but Jarvee is connected via a Henry Cooper proxy and only 2 accounts are running on that proxy.

On Jarvee, I’m not doing anything else other than posting through the repost tool and hard image alteration (so no follows, no likes, etc…). However, today I got a phone verification for that account, which means that its trust score has gone down.

Am I doing something wrong here? Has anyone had experience using Jarvee only for posting?

Thank you in advance!

How did you create these accounts?

On my personal mobile about 3 years ago. I have been using it daily on my phone since then without a problem

I’m using the repost tool with no issues so the only thing I could think it’s about the proxy. It might that be the problem

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Thanks, it could be, although they are 4G proxies…

PV is really complicated from a lot of reasons.
Check your posts are similar content, md5 with the other.
Or The Proxies locations are so far from the last time you log in.
But I dont think PV expresses your account’s low trust scrore.

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Thanks for your feedback!
I use the “Make images unique” option on Jarvee and the proxy is in southeast asia, while my phone is in the US.

Are you sure that PV doesn’t express a low trust score? The account disappears when a phone verification is required so doesn’t that mean that IG is suspicious?

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No worry, because you have to face with PVs more than usual if you use Jarvee for growing your account daily. Just keep in mind, try to act like a normal user, focus on the Setting. If within 48 hours, it’s PV again, you can stop account 1-2 days and warm up again.

Ok, thank you

Really not sure about that. For example if I put new accounts into Jarvee those who get a PV in the beginning don’t seem to perform as well as those who dont get a PV (concerning growth and reach of their posts). Also they seem to get more PV and blocks and and are more likely to get disabled later on. But maybe thats just my impression.

New account should not get PV or EV when adding to the sotfware, with “beginning” you mean warmup?

They should not and I found accounts that don’t :-). But i tested a lot of different accounts sellers and creation methods in the past 2 months. So it happened they PV when I put them in Jarvee. And this is what I experenced when i keep them. Because of that i delete the account when I get an early PV.

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I usually thrown away the account that get a PV when adding it to software, it usually just mean headcache.
Used the get lot’s of EV when i first started creating them, they were still mostly running fine, but that mean that the creation method was flagged, then take a better look and cleaned it, now none of the account require any verification.
So the whole point is just better to avoid those seller, they are not worth your headcaches.