[Question] Recovering my deactivated instagram account

My account got disabled on Sunday night. I’ve done so many appeals and only recieved a few responses back from Instagram just to tell me I’m unable to have my page restored for violating terms. I need helpppp I’ve tried the link with the 4 questions, sent over my pic with code and now I’m waiting on a response. Trying to see how long does it take them to respond back?

It takes them as long as they feel like, they might reply and unban your account or they might not, theres not much more to it than that really

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Thank you! I’m not gonna give up.

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As @Adnan says, replace every banned account with two new ones!

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Or just unban the account and don’t waste the weeks/months work on it😬

I built that page from 0 followers to 1M and it took some time and no they’re not fake followers either!! That’s why I want to fight for my account


What’s your backup IG or kik/email? I recovered my 1.4M account last weekend, it was down 2 months

Hey man can you help me with this as well? You’re account had been deactivated more than once correct?


Can you drop me your kik or PM i have an account that was in the same scenario as yours and I still can’t get it back.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Does anyone else have tips on how I can restore my disabled IG page? I have been trying for months, I posted about this earlier and my post was deleted. Pleae help, any advice would be appreciated

If you didint manage to get your accounts reactivated by following the IG recover accounts process,try to contact FB support.
Since you guys must obviously have big pages i am guessing those IG accounts were linked to your facebook,try to contact FB support.
I seriously doubt you guys were still boting on big IG accounts,so that means you did nothing wrong,you should be able to get them back.


My Instagram page wasn’t linked to my Facebook page :weary:

I’ve been trying for over a week and haven’t had any luck

Did you guys submit the request along with proof of the business?

My account isn’t linked as a business account just a regular Instagram account

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I’ve been trying to get my account back and still no response. I haven’t violated terms because I only have one post, a screenshot of a tweet, so I’m really furious. I don’t want a brand new username either.

I’m not sure if this is worth it, or if it would even work. But if you created the cheapest official business-entity you can in your country would that help you regain your account?

Does going the business route make IG take the unban request more seriously?

In the USA, I think the cheapest is a D.B.A - Doing Business As. This can be filled at the local/county offices and under $100. This allows to someone cash checks at the bank that are in the business name.

The next cheapest is an LLC-Corp. These run about $300 and are filed at the State Level.

Then above that are other Corp Structures like S-Corp which I think run about $500-$1000 for setting up.

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I have a LLC for my business (which is associated with my disabled page) would sending in a business appeal give me better chances of getting unbanned?