Question regarding available username, help plz!

so i reached out to a account whose username i wanted.

he agreed to change his username to something else so i can claim the one i wanted. After he changed his username to something else, i tried changing mine to his original one but it doesn’t let me.

anyone know what the issue is or how i can claim it? it wont let him change it back wither (has to wait 14 days)

You will just have to wait 14 days. It is something Instagram recently introduced to stop bots from claiming accounts.

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how much time has passed? give it a couple minutes.

interesting, we just claimed our companys username within like 2 hours

that was 3 days ago.

Weird, this was brought in a few months back I think.

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You have to wait some time until this name will be availalable, after IG changes …

yeah we just did this like 10 min ago, so i guess i have to wait 14 days?


I think that this is the only method ;/

Yeah you will have to wait man.

I would just try to go with a new name. You never know what users have done with their account and they may have ruined the trust score

I think trust score applies to the account, not to the account name. Or am I wrong?

How did you do that? Was it used before or did you have to claim it with a trademark? I am desperately looking for a solution that won’t cost me 3k for a simple username :smiley: