Question regarding Direct Messages

Are any of you still sending bulk DMs, and if so how many have you been sending daily? Link / No link?


On some of my accounts I am sending 25-45 DMs a day. I would definitely not use a link. I also don’t tag anyone in the first message. If they reply I then direct them to not a link but an account with a link in the bio

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Even if they’re my followers, still think link is out of the question using spintax?

Up to 40 a day using decent spintax.
First message only directing them to mother account.
I also manually use the same acc to message people I know so a lot more normal convos added to that too.

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Does anyone have numbers or success rates on DM’s? I doubt the effectiveness. It’s been one of the most annoying things when bots on Twitter came up, and I find it gets you blocked, flagged, and off the platform too easily.

Use max 50 a day using a few different syntax. Anymore than 50 a day and your risking blocks/bans.

Sending 40 per day, no link, no sintax. We change the message accordingly to the sources. (once a week)

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Depends on the account.

Fresh accs (just registered) are allowed to send about 3-4 messages to non-followers and about 10-15 to followers (if they have them).

Aged accounts can go up to 40-50 DMs per day - to followers and about 10-20 to non-followers.

NO LINKS. I mean at all - no links. Posts sending works, tagging works.
You can also send picture with the link watermarked on it, but until the message is in requests, the picture is blacked.


I stopped the DMs

sending between 40-60 a day but only to new followers

Sending around 70- 80 dms daily through client account (manually)

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Do you mean that even if we do cpa we don’t have to use links in dm?

I mean whatever you do you shouldn’t send links to non-followers , yes

For your followers - you can, but it’s better not to send more than 50 DMs daily

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Max I did before the updates was 40 with good spintax and even that was pushing it for some of my accounts.

These days I can barely send a couple but that is mainly because of my proxies. I would still send about 20-30 but only to people who actually follow you for best results and less likely to get flagged as spam.

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I’m referring to new followers. Only question is anyone here sending 50 DMs with link daily using spintax since the July update? I know if varies per account, I just would like to know if even once I get around blocks and bans 100% am I then going to run into an issue when sending out DMs w/ link? I use IG for cpa and affiliate marketing, in other words… if I can’t put link in bio or DM successfully, then IG is useless for what I use it for.