Question regarding - Facebook groups - Generating LEADS

Okay so I run an online fitness training business.

Our goal is to obviously generate leads as much was possible.

What we do is we have ads being ran into our messenger and it gives them something and they are also funnelled into our “Facebook Group”

Now I am constantly getting anywhere from 20 -30 new members every week in our Private Facebook group.

How can I be utilizing this more? Is there more I can be doing then what I am already doing?

Currently doing: posting 3x a week(great fitness content with a CTA at the end)

I try and go live 3 x a week? I am looking for more tips and tricks to utilize the crap out of this group.

Let me know :slight_smile:

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Serve. Serve. Serve.
And show them what services you offer. or can create accoding to what ppl want.

Where do your CTAs lead to?

our CTA leads to them trying out a free macro calculator - which then bring them to starting a convo with us.

we have an application for 1 on 1 coaching and more.

i mention it on every post, do you think thats a bit much?

To me, it doesn’t seem relevant to a fitness training business…
Does your coaching involve using the calculator?

Could you offer a “test drive” of the 1-on-1 coaching?
ex: an actual session with them so that they can truly experience what its like to work with you / your team.

^^ I think this is something way more valuable in the eyes of someone who is looking for coaching…

In the fitness world, and from the fitness business mentors that I’ve worked with in this space, a trial or a short-term front end offer works well - as opposed to tools, ebooks, or challenges, or whatever.


Yes. I’d dedicate 1-2 posts a week just to let people know about the coaching. The rest of the content should be there to serving: educate, entertain, discuss, interact, etc.