Questions about IG Reach

Hi guys,
Last few days i’m testing the reach of my posts and i find some things very confusing so i decided i may just check here,maybe someone with more knowledge can clarify them.

  1. I have account with 1300 followers and i have a friend with 1200. My reach is 300-400 while her reach is 600-700. I post 2 pictures a day while she posts one every other day. I also used Archie for a month and tried telegram round groups for a few weeks. My question is - Does IG limit my reach more because i post more pictures or am i punished for using auto like bot and telegram groups.

2, I posted a picture with few big hashtags and got a lot of fats likes. In the first 5 minutes i was like 27 likes but it show me only 4 reach. How can someone like without see my picture ? I thought maybe likes from hashtags does not count as reach but today when i posted a new photo, at 14 reach i had 7 likes,in a few minutes i got to 14 likes but my reach didn’t changed and stayed 14. Few of the new likes were from followers but it didn’t count them as reach. Why is that ?

Thanks :slight_smile:


For 1, it could be a lot of different variables. They might have limited your reach, or your friend might just have a better niche with good engagement compared to you.

For 2, it’s probably just Instagram trying to catch up. It’s the same deal as a popular YouTube video that just gets posted, the likes will be greater than the views. Likes aren’t verified as much as views are.


Thanks for that.

She is the same niche as me so she shouldn’t get twice the reach i have. I guess my reach is just limited. Any idea how to fix this ?
I saw some suggestions for removing shadow bans that stated go offline for 48hrs,switch back from business to personal profile,post less hashtags,post them in caption,not in comment. I know mine is not exactly a shadow ban but if it works for resetting the profile i may try those.

Maybe she just got better followers? Only being in the same niche does not mean a lot .


But the problem is that IG shows her post to more people not that more people like it or comment it. Actually i get the same amounts of likes and sometimes even more with twice less reach then hers.

Is your friend’s account older? IG tend to limit reach for the first few weeks after creating an account - usually older and more established accounts hold some priority. Good luck!

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If you sometimes get more likes and comments than her then why is it an issue? I wouldn’t care it so much in your case. But the others are right, it can happen they limit your reach in the first weeks.

Well i’m not in a competition with her and I want my account to grow.More reach = more likes,new followers and etc.

It’s not a new account,i’ve been using it for a year,started regular uploading 5 months ago.

Any tips for removing this limitation are welcomed :slight_smile:

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post only once…see what happens. you post 2 and other post once as your likes might be diluted. also try different times. there are many factors why…

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Here’s a method I have never tested,

Buy IG ads for a week, and then compare the stats of the week after ads with week before ads. You might gain valuable insights.

Posting more actually helps your reach, not the other way around. Instagram considers that her posts are better than yours, they’ve come to this conclusion after analyzing the engagement of your followers vs hers.
Engagement groups are like steroids, your balls/reach have shrunken.


Hey, I have the same issue as yours.
Tried many things to grow my IG, even bought followers ones couple of years ago.
I have a 12k account and only doing 400 to 1000 likes.
My guess is :

  • IG keeps eveything in memory and sanction who they judge as cheaters
  • Maybe you should try to target your niche more closely.
    Good luck :wink:

Not all followers are the same. have you randomly check the followers you have and those that she has? her followers may be a lot more active than yours. maybe half of your followers don’t use IG that frequently

I will try post whenever “insides” shows my followers are most active to see if i’ll get any results.

This is not a bad idea but i’m kinda scared IG will decide im rich enough to buy ads every week and limit my reach even more :smiley:

Yeah i think this is the main problem too. I’ve read in another forum that things like that happens to you if you use engagement groups,and the likes from there are totally useless since IG gives them 0 count. They said engagement came back after 1-2 weeks so i hope my testosterone lvls to get back to normal soon.

I really hope they reset this memory from time to time. No idea how to target them more closely,any tips are welcomed (travel niche) :slight_smile:

This is possible but i think its highly unlikely. I used to have way better engagement and its pretty suspisious how every post finish with the same ammount of reach no matter what hashtags i use. Even hour by hour i get 1.5-2 reach per minute,no matter the posting time or the hashtags. I think if there was no limitation,those numbers would’ve been more random from post to post.

Thank you all for the suggestions :slight_smile:


Yes, this is possible for sure.