Questions About Paid Tools/Services

Yo, I’ve been growing my accounts naturally for a while and I’ve gained some traction, but I am also starting to learn about paid services such as Photofame and Jarvee, but I’m skeptical if they actually give you real results that don’t kill natural engagement. Also I don’t want to use a tool/service if it would result in my accounts getting banned. If you’ve used these or any other paid tools/services, I would love to hear what you think about them.

Jarvee is a great tool, and the approach it takes is more about what you choose to do with it. Possibilities are endless, so ultimately it’s similar to using your own phone or computer for managing the account except with the ability to have a hands off approach when you’re busy with real life.

It’s a definite positive thing, and bans are generally only something that happen when you misuse the tools or accounts by taking part in things that violate their TOS to an extreme (spamming, harassment, porn, etc) which can be done with any tool, phone or computer, regardless.


all i have to say is that you are missing out man!
Jarvee will change your life!

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