Questions about scaling (for my purposes)

Hey again, this is my third post, and if you haven’t seen any of them (which I can’t imagine you have), I’m a musician who’s essentially trying to use MP to generate a social media following, and get as many listens to my Spotify as possible.
As I’ve been reading things about a lot of these instagram accounts, I’m curious how massive people get their instagram accounts with this program? Do really successful people get 100k+ and if so is that solely reliant on that account or do they have others to support that and contribute to those numbers?
My instagram account is OLD, like 4+ years and I’ve been a fairly active on and off user for all of those years. How “pedal to the metal” can I go, and I’m not even sure what dictates something as “pedal to the metal” versus a conservative gain method. I want to play on the safe side, but how safe do I need to be?

Sky is the limit basically, well you probably won’t overtake @instagram follower numbers any time soon ;).

I have no 100k+ account yet but I am sure by the end of the year I will have a couple… It takes time and it takes good content. Anything you might need to get started is scattered in this forum, the rest is your own creativity. I see that Brandon already gave you a couple great links in your intro post, follow them and you’ll rock IG (cheap pun intended :blush:)

I see MP as mostly my kickstart tool, getting accounts to 50-100k, growth will be pretty automatic beyond (assuming you continue to give great content).


I agree with @boink, however I have one addition to keep you on the safe side.

Regardless of how old the account is, when you are automating tasks, always start low, and gradually increase them over a month.

Most topics on here share settings for accounts already being automated. Dont copy these setting until you have warmed up your account.

I never recommend following or liking more than 500 / day. I also recommend that you do not automate your comments.

Disclaimer: Some may disagree with what I have stated, but I am positive the majority would agree.


i should NEver? automate my comments? Or just wait a while, and do it slowly and gradually like other things? Also, i’m not sure how to tell how many actions I have performed in a day, but I’m sure it’s over 500

I would say it’s just not worth at this stage, you would have to be a lot more experienced. I believe the potential risk outweighs the potential upside and it’s not even close. Keep it simple: add great content, Follow and Like for now.

You can find all your stats in the dashboard.


I personally will never automate comments. Its not worth the risk to me.

As @Boink said

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okay, then for the moment I’ve got all my settings taking around a 10 hour “sleep” period, and it looks like I’m performing about 1500 actions a day, as of today, and when I first got MP I racked up… ALOT. so… hopefully I don’t look suuuper shady to Insta since my account is old and has 3200 followers, but I dialed the settings down a bit. I think I’ll probably be making around 1000 a day. Should I cut that down to 500 or do you think I’m at a stage where I could do 1000 a day and probably be okay. I don’t really know how many actions i performed a day before MP but I feel it’s safe to assume a lot since instagram is my favorite social media, and I was promoting my music previously.

Better safe than sorry, or wasting time that I could be using to be more efficient?

Definitely better safe than sorry in your case, you got only 1 horse in the race. Most of us got multiple accounts so it doesn’t hurt as much when we lose one (and we do).

yes you will be probably ok, just ask yourself if probably is good enough for you or if you would rather want “very likely be ok” ;)…

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lol yes, I suppose that is the ultimate question isn’t it!

and hey[quote=“Boink, post:8, topic:4468”]
Definitely better safe than sorry in your case, you got only 1 horse in the race. Most of us got multiple accounts so it doesn’t hurt as much when we lose one (and we do).

I may get a few more horses, who knows, it’s only been about 4 days for me so… :smirk: we’ll see I suppose. I do find it funny when I come across obvious fake accounts on Instagram, and I always wonder if it’s one of you guys :laughing:

Haha welcome!

Not mine :stuck_out_tongue: You won’t be able to tell until you see my lack of responding to legitimate questions on my pictures :smiley:

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Never automate comments on your main account? Or this rule of thumb goes for all the IG accounts I may create?

Hey @DreamKatari

This goes for all accounts especially your main account.

This is a very controversial subject. The majority seems to not use the automated comment feature, yet there is still a good amount of users utilizing this feature.

I personally will never use it. I have yielding the same (and in some cases higher) results compared to those automating their comments just by optimizing my other social actions (Liking & Following)

Instagram seems to constantly change their comment algorithm, and therefor what may have been working great for the past few months will then get your account banned or PV’ed. For me its not worth it since I manage lots of accounts and if they all get PV’ed, it takes hours upon hours out of my day verifying all of them. If they all get banned, well then I am screwed.

Alright. I will make sure not to use the comment function.

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Its totally up to you :slight_smile: Maybe once you have gotten use to your setup and making some good money you can try testing the comment feature on one account after doing some research on the forum relating to commenting limitations and problems.

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Most likely. Ive set up follow and unfollow on my personal account. I used your advice and Im starting it slow even though I may not have to worry. Any comments I get I will personally respond too. Now Im looking into creating content to post and hastags.

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Sounds good to me! Best of luck :slight_smile:

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