[QUESTIONS] Creating Facebook Group through Page VS Personal Profile?

TL;DR QUESTION: Does Facebook decrease exposure on groups made through pages versus groups made on personal profiles?

I am going to be creating a Facebook Group which is like a community associated with a particular page. The first main reason is that Groups seem to have much better exposure on news feeds now, and secondly because like I said it will be for a community of people so the Group format works well for allowing people to post and interact.

So I am wondering whether to create the Facebook Group through the page and have it linked, or whether to just have it made through personal profiles. I guess I ask because, if Facebook are choosing to make it much more difficult for pages (particularly businesses with money who use pages) and they’re going to force pages to buy ads for exposure, if this group is linked to a page will it suffer from the same decrease in exposure versus just signing up for it with a personal profile? I can’t see any major benefits of signing up with it with our page (that I know of), other than that it shows up the top the owner of the group with a link to the page. But we can overcome that by having links to our page around.

I personally have found much better exposure through personal pages rather than public pages.

But I think as long as you‘ll be posting in the group with your personal profile, you should be fine.

But if you want to be on the safe side, go with personal.


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What is it you mean by personal pages vs public pages?

Yeah, I am not sure. If it was attached with the organisations page then maybe we would make some official posts on the group through the page. But that’s really why I’m asking, because if doing that will limit reach, which wouldn’t surprise me if Facebook do that, then we will just use personal accounts for the group.

Yeah, then sounds smart to be safe.

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When I say personal pages vs public pages I reffer to personal profiles vs real pages.

As you know yourself, Facebook has hit pages a lot with lower reach but you can still get a lot better reach with a personal profile. If you don’t want to use you own profile because you don’t want your friends, family etc to see, you can always set up another profile but do some research on that because Facebook is strict with having multiple personal profiles.


Thanks for that :slight_smile:

Everything for this purpose is above-board as part of an official organisation. But that’s a good idea for if you were using it for other purposes :slight_smile:

I’ve had the same experience with the personal page vs business page, much more interaction with the personal even when posting the same things…


When you say personal page, do you mean a personal profile (like a regular personal Facebook account)?

Yes, personal profile wall…

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Thanks. Sorry, just clarifying in case there was some other type of page I wasn’t aware of.

What I’ve found that works best is to make your business posts to the business page… Then on your next two personal profile posts should be engaging non-business related photo or text to get a lot of likes and responses… The next post should be your money post… Now, just saying that works well for me…

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