Questions for the experienced ones [Suggestions, Mute, Embedded Browser]

Hey again!

I have some questions regarding these topics, if you guys have any experience on it and are willing to help.

First Question:

I was searching on my competitors profiles and found out that most of them have each other as a suggestion when following. When my account when followed gives random people/business to follow. My engagement rates are awful at the moment, and I think instagram interprets my account on other niches. I’m a photographer, and Instagram suggests random people for me. How can I “force” instagram to know who I am really and put me into my niche? lol.
This account is old, over six years and I have always posted content about photography/my life.

Second question (Jarvee):
Do you recommend muting accounts after follow? Some people says it’s ok, some don’t. I think it might flag my account as it’s not something that a normal human would do…?

Third (Jarvee): I had an option to not let jarvee follow/login through embedded browser (in my head I think it could flag something aswell) but i’m getting constant red warnings to try again later and it’s annoying me. My settings are safe, not following more than 350/day nor liking more than 400/day (14 hours running). By my calculations I’m with 45-50 actins/hour.
Should I enable this option?