Questions on WebRTC on Jarvee

Hi guys,
Anyone realize that when you create an account in Jarvee, the WebRTC on the browser is not turn off hence Instagram can see whether are you leaking your real country IP at the back regardless of what proxies you’re using… (correct me if I’m wrong)

The WebRTC is disabled on the Embedded Browser. Check here: WebRTC Leak Test - BrowserLeaks

but if you go to… you can see that webRTC is not switch off

If you are reffering to

Then it shouldn’t matter too much as long as the IP matches your proxy

I would assume having WebRTC + Non-Leaked (your proxy) IP is better than

a) Blocked WebRTC (IG could lower the trust score based on such markers)
b) leaking your real IP via WebRTC (change your proxy provider immediately)

Not sure if that is intended tho :slight_smile: Support should be able to clear that up


WebRTC on and matching IPs is golden.