Quetion about posting and Instagram using on pc

Hey guys, I have few questions:

  1. If I will be using manual follow/unfollo growth service, and I only need to send DM’s to new followers, how can I do this by using my computer, not phone? Cause chatting on computer , for me, its way more comfortable than on phone. I mean I can do actions with lop top way faster than on phone: copy-pasteing , writting and etc… So does the only way to do that is to use bluestacks + instagram app, or any kind of bot like our community automatin tool or whatever? Let me know…

  2. How many posts i can post from the day 1st? I remember when i posted on an account on the first day i loged 9 posts or more i got banned on few accounts after that. So idk if the reason is that I made so many posts or any other…

  3. If i buy many bought followers, likes and comments on an account, can i get ban after that? Or buying followers, likes from smm panels doesnt cause bans?

Let me know and thanks!

Following this post! Interested to hear what people have to say :slight_smile: