[Quick Poll] What to do after AC?

Hey guys just recovering from the AC message. What did you guys do after?

  • Got 7 day block, reset cookies/ID, activate tools, temp blocks cant do anything
  • Got 7 day block, reset cookies/ID, activate tools, warm up first and continue
  • Didnt receive 7 day block, reset cookies/ID, activate tools, temp blocks
  • Didnt receive 7 day block, reset cookies/ID, activate tools, warm up and continue
  • Other (please explain)

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What did you guys do after AC?

I dont perform any follow between 1 month.

Instead of doing follow/unfollow I only use the like tool.


Good pool :wink: i think the best way is warm up and keep trying again :wink:

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I tend not to touch reset device id. Can lower your trust score significantly.


thanks just trying to get as many people to respond as possible. hopefully it helps others as well!


Wait 2 days and ready to go. Some acc did not even change decice id. Some acc had AC yesterday, did change the pasw and forget to turn of follow tool. They were following fine lol. Put it off after a few follows to be sure.

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Yeah same - I had AC on these 2 personal slave accounts (Dc proxy), switch passwords and to 4G and kept running on lower settings and it was working. About a week and a bit after I got the second AC. Then 7 day block for both. 1st accounts is restored but I cant follow a single person right now. 2nd almost done 7 day block… frustrating

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What seemed to work for me is to rest the account for about 5-7 days > reset device id > change proxy > warmup

I suggest not to do anything after AC. Right now isn’t the time to try to push through blocks. Instagram isn’t afraid to permanently block accounts that are against their Terms of Service / Use.

They’re looking for someone to make an example and I don’t want you or any of us to be that example.

I suggest to stop all actions until further notice / major updates.

Just waiting out the 7 day block actually seems to be the most effective at this point and then restarting slowly

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Let me explain everything here:

Your account has no blocks activity of any kind. You can follow up to 400 daily
Your account receives first block activity, you are limited on 400 daily
Your account insists in doing errors and suspicious activity, get another block and are limited 200 daily.

Then you insist more, and your account starts to get limited by 100, 150, 50, etc…

You need to rest your account, and let follow daily limits increase.

It is a battle to fuck PANELS, and make them fail !