Quick question - DM OUT REACH

Hey quick question.

so my target market is real estate agents. so I am cold DM ppl.

what is the best way to get them to respond? i have a list of 20k real estate IG accounts.

I am liking the top 3 photos, following and messaging them. ?? anything else you could think of ?

U need to test and track your own data. Measure your results. I dont think no one has a post on that data but it would be nice for someone to do that some day. Personally I do those things. Always look authentic and less robot like because ppl want to speak to real ppl.

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If you want to stand out, give them 1-2 tips applicable to their page or something related to what they posted. (giving value first)

At the same time, these messages can be videos in the DMs instead of text too. 99.99% of ppl won’t do this.

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wicked how many ppl am i allowed to follow every day?

you need to keep the follow number under 150 accounts per day max and try to not over do that quickly take your time if you are following them manually.