Quick trick for new IG accounts

Just noticed this today, not sure if it makes things better but I have a feeling it does.

I recently created a group of IG accounts, when i woke up this morning they all needed phone verification.

I was using SMSpva but noticed that after verifiying if i would follow 5-25 people it would trigger another verification right after, which if i verified they would leave me alone from then on.

So basically, phone verify purposely trigger another verification while holding the number over at SMSpva or where ever and reverify while still holding the number.

Get double verification for the price of one :smiley:


I guess IG changed something on their end again, good you still had the number

it will be good if it will ask me for another verification but
i get banned if i verify im using real sim

i get bans some times, i just keep it moving. no point in wasting time why that one account is going down… assuming is one between many. Now if all are going down then theres a real issue that you need to figure out.

I did notice that I only got the double verifies when it required a previous verification.

If i tried to trigger verification on an account that did not needed a verification prior to I only needed to verify once.

Maybe the account or proxy is flagged in their system, so their kinda keeping an eye on it

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