Quikflok.com is a scam

guys if anyone of you has tried quikflok, I recommend to don’t do it.
I signed up 3 days ago and after the legit charge, they tried to take money from my credit card. (I mean they tried very high amount)
it’s a scam

(but the software works well lol)
*edit the software stopped to work too

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The service works but the fact they tried to charge you for their service makes it a scam?


WTF you want to say?. Their software works well and they charge you for the fee then you say they are scammer?

Lol you guys are right, my fault becAuse I explained really bad.
What I mean is that after they charged me for their service they used my credit card numbers to charge me for very high amount until my credit card got the limit. I’m talking about thousands of dollars

Here some of their attempts

U can try guys if u feel lucky


100 percent scam, had 4.5k euro charged from my card, which is all I had unfortunately. This is the mpsocial user responsible for the scam: https://mpsocial.com/u/azanku/summary . Their website is only online since December 2019, when he claims he been using it for 2 months already.

I’m assuming royal_redover is also in on it or also just had all his money withdrawn if he isn’t.

Disgusting people.


@HenryCooper since it seems related to an mpsocial member


easily found his LinkedIn based on his username so you guys can pursue action. :smiling_imp: :policeman:

Hello, I got a message from someone on Facebook and I explained to them that I was also victim to $600 in lost funds. However I messaged them telling them what happened and they said they were hacked. I received back my funds back this morning. I know I recommended the service and I apologize for doing so I was only sharing my experiences and truly had no idea this would happen to me. I cancelled my service with them and is no longer using them.

As far as I can see they are operating through stripe. The money will likely be stopped by stripe’s fraud detection and be refunded to your bank accounts.


Maybe more members can give feedback and proof about the “scam” (if it is a scam), so we can take “admin” measures and remove existing posts that recommend them. (please tag me if posting proof)


did you ever get your money back? @abhorash89

I posted above my SMSscreenshots, quikflock charging me thousands of $ @HenryCooper
@oolongo. I noticed that after few minutes, I blocked it and I had to change my credit card.

My bad because they have a non secure credit card box/form so your credit cards info aren’t safe. I didn’t think abt security because i heard of it on this forum and I assumed it was safe.

@Azanku needs to give everyone their money back…

As long as he is not the owner of the service why would it be his duty to refund for damages? :thinking:

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He is the owner :+1:

that guy info on linkedin and fb are from US kansas and if you see my screenshots, quikflock payment requests are from the same area yep


why not report the company for fraud and scam to authoroties aswell? MPsocial ban is like a slap on the wrist. These scams have no place anywhere…

Also, maybe i’m wrong but does quikflok llc even exist legally?


That’s what those two need to do^. They have all of his information + proof. If it doesn’t exist, that guy is :skull: :joy:

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This is sad. Hope everything worked out for you guys :frowning:

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