Quit spamming like a Idiot

I am sorry if this breaks the rules moderators but I am sick of this crap. If you are the person or persons spamming FB comments like this. Eat a :eggplant:! For the past few weeks when I go to read the comments on any viral FB post it’s literally about 100 spam comments in a row. It’s to the point that you have to search for regular comments. You jackasses doing this is why FB keeps making tighter rules and hard for other people to promote. What you are doing is spam and not promotion. just stop!


Sure, whoever is using this method will stop their money making method because you asked them to stop in a rude manner.


The page mods could block them or the URL or Keywords being used dead easy

I blame them

Slack defence


So you’re saying asking them nicely would stop them?

It’s usually on profile posts and not business pages. It’s been on almost every popular post lately.

It’s not my page. It’s just random posts that I may pop up on my timeline. I check the comments because honestly the comments are sometimes better than the actual posts. It does no good to block them because as you can see it’s multiple accounts. That was just a small part that I screenshot. When I scroll and it loads more comments there are a bunch more accounts.

Nah, I’m saying it’s kinda self-righteous of you to tell someone to stop their marketing technique (calling them a jackass & idiot) when almost everyone here spams following, likes, and comments in a different manner. I see you also made a topic asking about proxies, so clearly you spam enough that you need your accounts to stay anonymous.

I say hustle on to whoever is doing this.


There is a difference between spamming and spamming. We all do it. But in the example above it looks ridiculous.

On Instagram I do follow/unfollow, Liking. But I really hate the comments, I don’t do it. It is impossible to do it automated and still look real and natural. Even as a spammer I have some pride :wink:


Moved to “The Free For All Lounge”. Please pick the proper category next time .


As Dimitri said there is a difference. I would think just about anyone looking at that screen would say that is overkill. Also anyone doing social media marketing needs proxies if they want to really see any profit. It really baffles me on how you are defending the tactics in that screenshot. Kinda makes me think you are using similar techniques.

I put it in the the locked category because of the mention of FB. I thought we were not suppose to mention any of that in open forum

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It’s actually none of your business what technique I am using, just like it’s none of my business what tactics you are using. :slight_smile:

And no, I know people making a lot of cash on social media with no proxies, because they do not spam with a ton of accounts. I just think what you’re saying is hypocritical, and I’m baffled you do not see that.

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This is about automation tools , not the platform itself . As you can see there is a public facebook marketing category . The reason why I moved it , because it is ranting and not really a discussion that the community benefits from .


Let me just phrase it this way I guess.

If this method was bringing in crazy amounts of conversions/profits, you’re saying you wouldn’t use it? @major48

Even if that guy read what you say here or even if you sent him 100 messages he won’t stop if he’s making money using that method.

It looks like he invested a lot of time and effort into it and that’s why he won’t stop.

Don’t waste your time on this, just ignore it and focus on your business.


This happens everytime a method is shared.

For example, now my IG followers is flooded with ‘Free Follow’ and ‘Free Iphone’ accounts.

Also when any artist releases their songs on Youtube, I could see literally 40 clones comment things like ‘we are giveaway this bla bla…’

However, although do it wrong, they are still taking actions. I guess most people when they started out with IM did these kinds of things. Anyone need to start somewhere !

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