Quora Strategy? What's yours?

what’s your strategy for getting traffic from quora?

Are you answering lots of questions with links in them?

For one of the brands I manage, we’ve created a “brand ambassador” role in the company and we get him to reply to all relevant questions in the niche, even if it’s not directly related to the brand. The point is to look like an expert in the niche, no matter what. Website traffic is secondary. The actual links to the website, etc are in the profile, rather than in the answers (this is less spammy, and more trustworthy, I guess?) but the brand name & some details are always in the “credential” that appears next to his name while answering.

^ This was very specific to the brand I manage. Otherwise I would think it makes sense to add links to the website from time to time, wherever relevant. One trick I’ve seen some people use is to use Quora questions to research website content. If they find a question where the answer would take 500+ words, they just write a blog on the website, then answer the question with 1-2 lines from the blog and then link them to the website to “read the rest of it”.

EDIT: Of course, the actual strategy will depend on your niche and brand. If you want to use Quora to build long term traffic to your money making website, then you should definitely try the method I’ve outlined above. If you’re focussing more on short term gains in terms of traffic then you might have to try a more spammy approach to get results.

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