Raising awarness on human trafficking: Stopping Traffic Movie

Hey mate

here are the links to two downloadable files. One is an extended trailer, the other is the full length film.

Would I be able to get a link for them when you done? I want to spam the shit of people with them.

thanks for your help

The link is broken mate

Hey Cranko

I will upload the HD to dropbox and post you a link, appreciate your help

Just now getting back into town.

Here is the latest pieces of my poetry that deal with the subject of abuse and trafficking.

It is part of a new documentary coming out on PTSD.

Hey mate

here you go.

let me know where you host them and ill send all my traffic that way

Thanks for your help mate, again sorry about the delay

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I may have said this before but good for you man, maximum respect. I saw the trailer and am downloading the whole thing even though it’s sure to depress me. I’m pretty aware of the situation myself, but looking at the world of suffering out there makes me recoil and block it out. I’m just glad someone like yourself has the strength and compassion to deal with it hands on.


Thanks mate. Appreciate the encouragement, its a difficult space but we are getting some traction.

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