Raising awarness on human trafficking: Stopping Traffic Movie

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share this documentary with all of you, mostly because one of our forum members is included in making it, but also to show you what kind of problems exist in the world around us. We sometimes forget about it.


Very powerful & raw film. This is my decision why i don`t do adult CPA.


Glad you ‘liked it’ it has been a ride this last year. But it is having great effect.

I’m in another one next year on PTSD


I also do a lot of related advocacy using my social media network and personal network. Great to see others in this forum doing something similar.


That link expired, here is another

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Thanks for sharing. Love this. This needs to be shared more often


Cheers @TravelJT .

The producers were suppose to use the money i helped them raise to battle human trafficking, instead they used it to build a new facility on their property, which totally pissed me off. I helped them raise over $250,000.

So fuck 'em. I think i want to set it up on a server somewhere and give it away for free, maybe a torrent site. i have never done anything like that so just wanting till i have the time to learn how.

Then i will take every Eb account I have a spam the shit out every group i am in and give the link away. That way at least some good will come out of me sharing my story.I didnt get paid for it, all i asked was that they give my share away, they couldnt even do that.

@socialgrow Let me knowif you thing there is a way we can collaborate

That’s good to hearjas. most of the women and young boys involved are trafficked. In one case we have worked on there is one village in Philippians where you can pay $10 to watch a mother violate her daughter. Another, some arsehole (nicest word i got) paid $10,000 to watch a boy be sexually violated to his death. We found his body in a dumpster.

Its fucked up out there…this is my 9-5.

On the skype call with @HenryCooper, i thnk @Said and @Med where there as well, along with a bunch of others. They were talking about working MP like a job, grinding it out. Some people seemed reluctant about how much effort it takes. I smiled to be honest. MP is my second job, i do it just to get the word out there and i look forward to it, an escape from the BS i face every day.



sorry if that is to much info

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Humanity can be disgusting, and money is the most persuasive motivator. Sad and pathetic that people will literally do anything for it.

Thanks for promoting a good cause, and fuck the producers/production company for doing that, totally disgusting as well. The entire project was for a good cause and they used the money for personal gain.

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@ian. yep. ill figure out a way here in a bit and post it and drop a link back in here, see if any one wants to put it out there as well

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Damn bastards, easiest for you would be to share video here openload.co

Then just spam appropriate groups with the link. It’s streaming site. More people will watch it.



13 character

a complete sentence.

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What an eye opening film. Having studied criminal justice in college, this only exemplifies the issue at hand. Such a wonderful film. Don’t shed tears often so to say I was surprised to feel something wet running down my cheek should be an award in itself.

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I’m also doing the same but I’m spreading awareness towards animal cruelty. I already told @theDoctor I have a few open slots on MP and would be willing to help him out with his journey.

MP is powerful tool which can be used for the greater good, and I encourage others to do.


It was a touch story to tell, but the impact and awareness has made it all worth it.

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What a disgrace. Time and time again i get shocked at how screwed up society is.

Well I dont know how I can help. I run ig accounts. Let me know if you will ever need my help in getting the word out. Maybe I could post it on my bigger accounts’ stories.

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Do you have a full HD version? I can help to upload on public and private torrent sites if you want to.

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Deal @cranko, that would be great.

Ill sort that out now for you