Random Actions, Need this feature?

Are the settings correct? And do I need to turn it on? Will it be useful?Are the settings correct?

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Every 10-30 mins 24 hours a day seems very unnatural to me.
The idea of this tool is to make your account look more real. WIth these settings it looks more like a spam account.

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What @dimitri said + http://prntscr.com/sd23cs

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Try to increase the wait between intervals and lower the number of actions per day than you can try the tool and see how it goes.

Thanks for the help. I already wrote a support letter waiting for a recommendation on limits.

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Just want to add that the Random Actions tool will only work when you have Enable API full emulation checked in your account’s Advanced Profile Settings

anyone get “random actions failed to view”?

I did. According to support it happened because my account made too many API calls to get the posts on timeline. The tool works again after I stopped it for a few hours. You can also try increasing the wait time, it may help.

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will give this a try thanks - you mean increase wait time for random actions correct?

Is it okay to run on EB accounts?

i don’t think so, you need to use the API for that, is that right @ossi?


Yes, its only for full api emulation

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Hey @dimitri & @Luca what is your suggestion for settings using this tool?

Looking forward to your reply.

Here is my setup for that tool


Just turn it on while the other tools are running?

Can vouch for this - had regular out of box settings on then had errors.
Msged JV and they said to make the wait times longer and its been great

Can someone clarify exactly what this tool does, and if it should be turned on simultaneously with the other tools?

you can use the tool when warming up your accounts, you can have the story viewer, and some other tools working on a slow pace.

Also, check your DM.

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Yeah, I’m running follows, and have setup story views and likes to perform randomly before and after certain follows… so I’m good as far as that aspect.

I’m running some accounts in eb, and others in api. It’s weird, one providers accounts work better with api while the others work better with eb. I’m hoping they will add random actions to the eb.

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How much longer where the wait times?