Random Actions option

hii friends
i only now see the option " RANDOM ACTIONS " in JA

do you recommend to use it ?
if so what is your recommendation settings for it ?

for now im running JA no problems
so you think its be smart to add also this option?

If things are running fine, then I wouldn’t change anything. As the saying goes, don’t change something that isn’t broken. I personally don’t use the option, and accounts reach their set limits on most days.

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I think the more tools you are using the more human like your account looks like.

I believe you can see all you need to know about the tool in their tutorial

If you have the accounts to spare, test it out on the side.
Could be useful to you later if it works fine, & something happens to your main setup

I use random actions on my accounts. My settings are 100-200 minutes and view 5-10 posts per operation. I don’t think it will make that much difference compared to accounts that are not running that tool. But I just want to make my accounts look more natural by “viewing” some posts on feed.

If everything works well on your end, I would suggest you enable it only on one of your accounts to test it.

it does help you warm up the accounts and keeping that Normal look, so it’s a good tool to use.

ok so i add this option to one of my test account
and for now its looks good
but i think i going to stop it
and i use this tool only for a warm up

tnx all for your replays :v:


I think it’s a good idea to do some testing in form of research but never endanger multiple accounts if you have no experience with something.

I haven’t tested the Random Actions at all, maybe you can share your experience if you end up testing it on one of your accounts.

hello guys,
is it everything ok with this option?

useful or any issue? thanks

yes, it’s a useful option to use for new accounts, what are you trying to achieve with it?

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I am using it on my accounts, don’t have any problems at the moment.

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