Random Ban across all accounts?

So every single account in my MP got hit with some sort of ban. A few of them have legit just disappeared off of instagram without an email a few others wont let me hit any buttons, a few others won’t get any codes. I hate instagram. Only tool used was repost some of them were just active on MP no tools running.

It is over guys, IG has found a way to ban all of our accounts and make sure we cannot get back in.

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250k followers gone today.

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Very sorry man.
You can try @HenryCooper service for recovery :ambulance: Recap - Don’t give up your banned Instagram accounts! We can save them!

Currently have 6 accounts running through them.


Thank you though!

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Oh :smiley:
Hope you get them back - good luck!

Are you using api or eb?

This has been happening the last few months man. There was a big wave that crushed a lot of us and since then it’s been rough. Jarvee is in the midst of creating a new api update so fingers crossed that helps some things.

I hope you’ll get them back. It has been rough for all of us lately.

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Were you running all the accounts using the same IP?

I don’t think he’s been running his accounts without proxies.

have you warmed the account up first before doing a repost? if not, then that could have triggered the block… even for 1 repost per day, the account can easily get blocks if it’s a new account

Did you get banned after the captcha arrived?

Nope each one has its own proxy pretty close to home.

Yes! They asked for my captcha I did it like normal and then was banned.

Of course, some of the accounts didn’t even run anything and were hit. Some accounts had just been previously on MP.

Just stop opening tabs. If you open a lot of tabs, you will inevitably get a captcha. That’s the whole secret.

How to stop opening tabs frequently if you are using EB to follow? What you mean by opening a lot of tabs?

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Use contextual actions on all tasks

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Yesterday’s report. I don’t get a captcha or other checkpoints. I use up to 8 accounts on 1 4g proxy

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