Random "EMAIL CONFIRMATION" on client accounts that always clears upon verify?

This isn’t like EV loop or anything like that. It’s moreso that like after many days of following with Jarvee, I get a random “EMAIL CONFIRMATION” that shows up in the social profiles section, just like you’d need to do with a newly onboarded account. Maybe happens like on 1% of my accounts about once a week.

So far they always clear up upon hitting “Verify”.

They seem completely random, if not bugs. I’m not even sure how these would show up to clients in-app. Are these harmless? Or are these a more mild version of a PV?

I think they are harmless. Happens to only ONE of my accounts which ive had a API follow errors in the past.

And I’m on mobile proxies.

Goes away after I click verify (occurs about 1-2 per month)

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Hey, I had those this week too. Haven’t had a problem with the accounts after hitting ‘Verify’ them though


Seems like they had an error upon initial input.

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I have the same thing happening to 2 of my client accounts. 2 days in a row they go into Email Confirmation and after I click verify it starts following and nothing weird happens. Anyone found a solution and/or what could be causing this?