Random Name Generator

Hey Team

Thought I’d share this.

Saves me a couple of minutes when I’m creating new profiles.


Dang that’s a nice one! I love that it also adds the meaning of the names, awesome.
I need this for when I finally start writing stories, thanks!


Great share! This helps me with my fiction writing venture as well. Thanks @embraceone

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Adding this one to my list of tools. Thanks!

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Exactly what I needed. Thanks @embraceone :pray:

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Thanks for sharing, this is a nice one :slight_smile: from where do you get images when you need them for profiles?

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Dear @Bianca

Take a look at this thread.


Glad to be of service!


Solid shares on this thread! Much appreciated.

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Thanks for sharing! I like the names it generates, they don’t sound fake. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice one, thank you for that :pray:

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