Randomize all day long, why not?

Hello everyone, it’s my first post so please be gentle :rofl:
I tried searching it but I couldn’t find an answer.

I was reading a lot these days and I saw that randomize things is the best way to do actions; I saw a lot of posts about intervals, delay between options etc etc, but I was wondering:
Why use intervals? Also if you change the timing etc you will always create a pattern.

Now, maybe I’m telling something stupid but to randomize things isn’t easy to just turn on the tool to 8.00 from 20,00 ( the numbers are just for example) than you put like 30 to 180 min between actions, a delay between 30 sec to 600 sec to each operation and f.e. 1 to 10 operations.
This way everything will be completely random.
Maybe add a pause between 10 to 30 every x operations, rotate days and you’ll have no kind of pattern!

Am I wrong?
Probably I’m telling something stupid cause I saw no one talk about it and I’m so far from be a genius so probably there’s something I’m missing.
But I can’t see it


yeah people use this + intervals…

I’ve been thinking exactly the same as you. Most settings I seem to see always have loads of intervals set-up and it does make sense to have things with as little a pattern as possible.

Would be great to hear from some of the pro’s on here about this. Are any of you guys working a system in this way?

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This is pretty much how I operated.

Ok, but if you’ve follow tool (for example) turned on for 12 hour what’s the point of the intervals? The program will create is own casual intervals anyway

It’s doing well for you?

It will bring you even more randomness.

Nice share, thought of it as well but haven’t tried it.

I’m assuming you tested this and it removed your action blocks?

While this would be very random, and would totally work the daily limit would be quite small.

In addition, this is an estimate without any nightmode or intervals turned on. If you did nightmode, the follows/day would be even lower.

Instead, maybe I would drop some numbers down.

Still keeping things nice and random, but allowing a few more follows to be done per day, so that you can then use a nightmode if wanted.

Something to also consider is that the follows/day is an estimated number…your filters can effect this estimate a lot so it’s good to always guess that it’s going to be 20% more or less follows per day you can do.

Here’s something I quickly came up with.

I haven’t tested these settings, but I believe they would work great.

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I used numbers as example I’ve never tested it nor tried to insert into mp so I don’t know the estimated results I was thinking this things and I decided to talk whit someone who knows more before acting and made a mistake if I was wrong! It has to be tested before was just a brainstorm🤣

No, I didn’t test it yet I thought it and look for someone knowing more than me to see if I was missing something.

With that set-up running 24 hours, what’s your thoughts on reducing the number per operation and having the delay smaller. I’m thinking if we are going to emulate human actions we could follow a small amount pretty quickly, as that’s how we would do it if on our phone - Maybe only a 10-15 seconds delay? - and then could poss shorten the operation time to allow a gap over night.


Maybe something along these lines?

Or do you think doing it 24 hours but having everything slower would make it safer?

Seem to be fairly correct parameters, but I would make the account work for up to 6 hours with “randomize intervals daily” and “always stay between”.

Something else to consider with this…how would be best to run unfollows? At lot of people talk of not following and unfollowing at the same time so how would we allow this with this much randomisation? The only way I can think of atm would be to use the days of the week boxes and set maybe one day a week as an unfollow day but would that look weird to insta to have that as a pattern?

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I had in mind to start another topics but I guess this could be good :rofl:
This is another thing I don’t understand:
If I’m using my phone I sit down open instagram watch some stories, than maybe put some like than I see something I don’t like so I go and unfollow maybe see something else I could like and follow.
People just open instagram and use it, all the functions and not just one per day (today follow tomorrow unfollow etc) so why not mimicking a normal person use by using all the tools ( you set a min delay to be sure to not overlap actions) it would be like you wake up pick up your phone see some story than maybe exit than entry and put some like do some follow etc everything random.
Also in this case I don’t see why don’t do it

That is true. How exactly can you we a delay between follow and unfollow with the randomisation? I’m not sure what settings to use for this

I put some if my accounts to follow between 100 - 200/day straight without randomize. Not issue so far and they have bot behavior. Repost and follow action on.

There’s an option somewhere I can’t find it right now🤣 but I’m sure there was!