Randomize posting - story or normal post?


I’m currently using the TikTok repost tool to send content from relevant accounts to a campaign and post to a Instagram story. But I would love to have it 50/50 post to the story and the wall of the instagram. Is this possible? As I have to choose “Post to story” on the advance settings on the campaign I don’t know how I would make this work?

First, you need to uncheck “Post to story” on the advance settings

Go to Campaigns, advanced settings, Instagram, and check this option

Will it then post to both story and wall at the same time or one of them (random each time)?

it will post on both of them

It’s not possible to do that with only one campaign. You should create two new campaigns,1 for wall and 1 for story. After that go to your campaign posts list tab where you sent the extracted posts to > click on Show advanced view > split posts between campaigns > select both wall campaign and story campaigns> press ok.

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