Randomized followers list flagged as spam?

Hey guys,

I’ve never actually used MP, but I believe this is something that could pertain to users. I do manual follow/unfollow through larger accounts. I was opening accounts, liking, following, etc… I was moving a little quickly, and I got a notice in red that said “please wait a few minutes before continuing.”

I signed off from Instagram and didn’t use it the rest of the day. Then today, I went to check a larger accounts followers list, and their list was totally randomized. It was no longer in chronological order. This makes it very difficult to follow users.

I can’t seem to find anything on the web about this, but I feel like my account is being flagged as using a bot even though I have never used a bot before. The order is chronological on my desktop, just not on my phone or tablet.

My questions are: have any of you experienced this? Is this a temporary ban? Is it safe to do anything with my account right now, or should I wait a few days? Am I allowed to follow people from my desktop, or will that set up an alarm?

SO CONFUSED but thank you for your insight on this!