Randomizing scraper in follow tool

hey. do y’all randomize in the follow tool of your scraper accounts even though they’re being used only as scrapers? does it even do anything?

You mean randomizing interval in the Follow tool settings tab? if so, I don’t have that option checked on my scraper accounts.

I don’t think that this option specifically can make a big difference to keep your scrapers alive. But it can’t hurt the account :slight_smile: it’s important to have good delays and not to use too aggressive settings. Are you using the old way to extract users to the main account, not doing it directly from the main account?

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i use a free tool to produce an excel sheet of accounts that follow specific target. in excel i remove all private users. i drop them into a scraper (follow specific sources) where i filter and send to mains. i only have to do this once and a while because i transfer enough filtered accounts to last me a month. after that, i run a whole bunch of scrapers with tight delays in order to execute my main follows using EB. works great. im now just increasing my limits slowly and looking for any and all ways (like everyone else here) to keep everything running.