Randomly Removing Accounts

Hey guys, went onto the program to check accounts and noticed one account was missing. I only have assess to my computer so I thought this was weird. Went to go ahead and double check all the accounts to see if any other ones were missing or if I was going crazy. Sure enough, another account was not found on the program. Is anyone else experiencing this?

EDIT: Appears that accounts were randomly removed about 14-16 hours ago as that was the last action Instagram shows.

EDIT 2: 8 client accounts were randomly removed from the program? What is going on?

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From what program?



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All good with my accounts, that’s strange haha

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Damn man I’m tired of IG’s bullsh*t

Did you talk to support?

Yes, even to one of my clients they have deleted his personal account 20k, I had to ask for recovery, luckily the account has been restored

I sent a message to support and all they said was that I can just restore from a backup. @Hypnortik This is in regards to the actual program we use to grow accounts, not IG. dont want to say the program name to protect this forum.

personally I was lucky enough to restore the account quietly, starting the owner verification process

Sounds soo strange. Luckily I have never experienced something like that.