Ranking on Hashtags but reach still small

Hey guys,

I posted an Image 3 days ago using 30 hashtags and a version of the ladder method.

I ranked in 1-2 (Top 9) in 10 Hashtags out of the 30 all with around 100k-800k.

These are all highly active tags with around 100-1000 posts per day.

Yet my hashtag reach was only around 2,500 people.

Does anyone know why this is?

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The results in all hashtag vary for every person on Instagram. People will always see content that is personalized to them. So even a post with a billion likes trending in a hashtag will only reach some people who view that hashtag.


But I don’t understand how people then reach 15-20k people purely on hashtags?

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How big is your account?

Hi mrspuf,

My IG is around 150k

I have almost the same problem in relationship/couplegoals niche, 100k acc, minimal reach, no banned hashtags and most of them are 10k-100k posts. Might be my content that is almost soft porn?