Ranking post problems

i notice that im not ranked in few hashtags while the post do ranked
are lower likes and older, i dont think i got shaddowban on the post because
i do see in other hashtags got ranked, whats the problem any idea?
and tips to improve ranking, thx for your wisdom boys and girls

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The problem might be that you think it is just about the absolute number of likes . But there is more factors that come into play .

thx for your reply what kind of factors?

Shadowban doesn’t necessary apply to all hashtags, it can be applied to particular hashtags.
Regarding the factors, you can consider the following:

% Followers-Likes
An account with few followers needs less likes to rank. An account with huge number of followers needs more likes.

Time Frame
You need to gain likes fast, and continue to receive likes during the day to rank and stay ranked.

Likes Quality
If likes comes from low quality accounts or low quality ips, will not help ranking.

% OF likes coming from followers and % of likes coming from non followers


thx for replay and making it more clearly

What is classed as a low quality account?

I know engagement groups work for getting quick likes but likes throughout the day? I’ve never heard of a service like that if you know of any please link me :slight_smile: