Raw Mobile vs. Mobile

Hey guys, been reading a lot about proxies here in the forum (loving it, the information is amazing and the forum so well organized, I’m used to bhw lol), but I couldn’t find an answer to this specific question about mobile vs raw-mobile proxies:
If you can use the raw-mobile for over 5 accs. why even bother with the 1:1 mobile? I read the 1:1 is perfect for client management, but why not just use the raw mobile for 5-10 clients? Is there any negative consequence in doing so?
I hope it didn’t get answered elsewhere, couldn’t find anything…

Thank you guys :slight_smile:


Simple answer is that you are on your own with raw mobile. If you don’t know good settings and handling you can f*ck up your accs even on raw mobile. Other mobile proxies which allow just one account per proxy have much more assistance in the background. So in case you really need highest quality (e.g. client management) it is better to take the 1:1 and not the raw proxies. But of course depends on your skills. Some people even run their clients on datacenter proxies…


Thank you, you mean settings and handling of accounts (with for example with jarvee) or handling the proxies? Cuz I am pretty experienced with Jarvee and run many accs even with ipv6…
So basically I could use raw-mobile for clients then? Or did you mean good at handling mobile proxies?
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Well… try / test then you know.

Personally i wouldn’t run the risk of using shitty proxies on client accounts. Try and keep it 1-1 the safer the better as afterall it’s not your account to mess up.

A long term client will be more profitable in the long run. The cost will be more but if you do a good job they will recommened your services too.

Like people said, shitty proxies can ruin your credibility in the market for long term, i run my accounts on raw proxy 10 per one, but for clients i would go as safe as possible, they are paying you moeny to get them something, you dont invest your money!

@lukec2000 @SZarkic I thought raw mobile are the best proxies aren’t they?

There’s no such thing as best proxies between each category, the proxies themselves can be good or bad, but the type of proxy depends specifically on your own usage. On normal mobile proxies people use only 1 account, so I guess it’s “easier” to manage them. On raw mobile, you need to be more careful with your operation, but you can run several accounts. I’m running 50 per proxy.


I think it’s always funny that people think they are alone on a mobile proxy when someone sells 1:1 mobile proxies.
It’s the same thing as a raw mobile just that the seller gives one proxy to several users. Probably around 10 users.


Pros of 1:1 proxies -

  • The same batch of accounts are never on the same IP (fewer footprints)
  • You are changing IP more frequently
  • Accounts/actions are monitored for anomalies to protect your account
  • Accounts are distributed to the modems with least accounts running on them (so you can actually be alone one the IP)
  • Actions are much more random per IP , since the rotation is done on the providers side, so your account in always with someones else who might not be executing follows/likes etc. at the same time as your account is.

Cons of 1:1 proxies

  • You have no control over what accounts are using the same IP
  • Can’t change the IP manually

Raw pros

  • You control how many accounts are on the same IP
  • You control what accounts on the same IP
  • You can possibly change the IP manually (ask for a predefined IP change timing)
  • You can possibly create accounts on it (depending on the provider)
  • You can save money by running batches of accounts on different times

Raw cons

  • Subnets can be affected because of other clients actions (running 20 spam accounts per IP or creating accounts on it)
  • All of your (5 or 10 or how many accounts you run per raw IP) are on the same IP, doing similar actions, and moving between IPs together leaving a footprint

That’s my unbiased review ) 1:1 description is based on my setup, but I believe with other sellers proxies you can expect similar behavior. All in all, it all depends on your needs and your experience. test test test :facepunch:


that seems like a major footprint. Not a networking guy by any means but I can speculate this wouldn’t be very difficult to figure out on ig’s end

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Thanks for the great break down @mindeswx

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@Larsometer @lukec2000 @SZarkic @JackGagger @socialgain and especially @mindeswx
thanks for your answers, will go wtih 1:1 for client management, since I don’t want to risk anything haha…
Thank you guys :smiley:


Please where do you buy proxy,also i want to buy raw mobile

Would you mind elaborating or giving an example on this? I don’t mean to be a pain but I’m not sure what you mean. I’m also considering the same thing in terms of how many to run on which. But I don’t know what things would be frowned upon when using raw?
Could you please provide some insight?

thank you!

Thank you so much for helping out with this level of value. It means a great deal.

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There is no “ONE AND ONLY” setting. Basically what you do is to add accounts with little actions first. Then you increase it until you find pain points. Once you know these pain points make sure that you have a variety of different accs on a raw mobile (meaning different in actions and size maybe even niche). Of course you never go over the pain points.
Sounds much more complicated than it is. Rather safe is to follow max 500 per day. Just start from zero and increase slowly. That’s it… Plus if you don’t f*ck up too hard you will receive PV that will tell you something is wrong (like pain is a signal that you should see a doctor or have some rest). Of course if you go too agressive you have a ban. So don’t go with your biggest babies into a new game first.

P.S. sorry for having lost my spoon


You are a true legend :trophy:. That is so helpful, thank you! :slight_smile:

nah I am not. Just trying to give back some of the help and “love” I have received here from the true masters.


Hi brother!

I know you are an expert when it comes to mobile IPs.
I use my own raw mobiles proxies.
I have 5 users on each raw mobile.

Every time I get like blocks (in average once per week on each mobile proxy; some more often some never) I get them on all 5 accounts within one hour timeframe.
It is like one account gets blocked and Instagram flags that IP for a short period of time and blocks other accounts from liking too.
Is that possible?
Or could it be due to too many Likes/API calls in total?
I am trying to get this straight since months…

What appreciate your opinion so much!


Sounds like exactly the weakness of running a fixed set of accounts on one raw proxy.