Re-Using Same Hashtags? Re-Posting Same Lines?

What if your niche forces you to pretty much re-use the same hashtags every time you post? Can you get banned or shadowbanned by doing so?

What’s the best way to go about doing so? Can you simply copy-paste them every post in the same order?

Similar question: What if you post “Subscribe to @[your handle]!” every single post? What if you say “Double tap if you love this!” every single post?

One way to solve this problem is just to use ChatGPT to create hashtags for you. I tried it for every posts and it works. Just paste/describe your post to ChatGPT and ask it to give 30 relevant hashtags. Then, double check those hashtags to make sure that none is banned by Instagram (we don’t want you to get disabled by Instagram here, so always double check). Do these steps for your every posts and you’ll see some new audience coming in soon. You can use this method to create different CTA too for your posts. Just ask ChatGPT to write down a CTA to your post and edit them as you see fit.

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Thanks. Does this still somehow take into account your account’s follower size relevant to the hashtag size? Supposedly if you use “big” hashtags on an account with a smaller number of followers, IG will show your post to less people. Have you found this the case with ChatGPT?