Reach after action block?

Hey, hope this hasn’t been asked before I tried searching.

I got action blocked for a week and should run out today, i was hoping to post a ‘big’ post that hopefully will get seen by the right people blah blah

Anyway, obviously it’s really important this gets the most reach it can.

My question: after an action block should I warm my account up a bit before posting? Or does it not affect my reach?

Extra question: during this time I changed my profile from business to private and will go back to business page after the block - will this also limit my reach until warmed back up?

Any info appreciated

Did you get hard blocked? action block should not last a week.

If it’s action block, you can try Re-Login Accounts, it helps lift the block most of the time.

There’s no need to change your profile to private, then change it again to business. it will likely affect your reach.

yeah timestamp so hard block i guess…

I wanted to test going private anyway as my posts had been shared a lot few days prior.

Either way, any help with the actual affect on reach? Do i need to warm it up for a day or two?

yeah i think you to stop all actions on the account for a few days then you need to start very slowly day by day

ok thanks, before the block, my account had great engagement and great trust score, can i start any quicker than your suggestions? Or does it take me all the way back to 0?

well, the best thing to do is stop the actions for now, you don’t want to hurry things up and get another block, so few days then start slowly will be better.

Great thanks.

And to cover the other side, if I just posted a photo as soon as block is removed, will the reach/engagement be awful?

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no not necessarily, the reach/engagement depends on lot of factors you can test and see how it goes.

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perfect. thank you sir!

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