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Hi! What is the average normal percentage of followers who see your posts from their feed? Is it’s very bad that on 11k account posts showed from feed to 1000-2000 followers (if don’t count hashtag reach)? What should I do?

10% of your followers is definetly not the best, how many likes are you averaging. I reach usually 20-25% of my followers with my 170k account, not the best either, but with a smaller account it should be more than 10% I’d say.

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Thank you for answering! I’m getting about 500-900 likes, a few times they popped up to more than 1000, but I think some of the likes are coming from my M/S and F/UF, not from feed only.

Good quality content will improve your organic feed reach with time. For my 100k+ accounts I usually reach 20-30% of followers. The content quality is the most important factor by far

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Thank you for answering, my content has similar quality as bigger competitors with better reach, so Im not sure that it’s the case

Maybe the content doesnt resonate with your audience as good, try switching up the content, what works for one page may not work for another page

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Thank you, but in my case it’s impossible to switch it, I’m a doll artist and trying to make money with my products, I just can’t change them, it took so long to develop skills and cute style :blush: I’ve been growing by using M/S and F/UF on audience of competitors with similar style and content, even found customers but visibility of posts so disappointing…Maybe the case is that account is old (6 years) and had bad times without posting in 2016-2017, then I deleted completely inactive followers and started again with 2000-3000 followers which been not super active too. Before algorithm change in summer 2019 I had 1000-2000 feed reach with 5k followers on account and after this change statistics are stuck no matter how many followers I have :frowning:

Well yeah, I’d say your niche isn’t that ‘‘likeable’’ as for example viral, puppies or memes. Unfortunately that’s how it is. As long as your hashtag reach is 70-80%, I’d say you’re doing things right. Additionally, you can DM your new followers and offer your services. Btw, daily growth to main account should be around 2-4 followers per slave account

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Thank you for answering!

Oh yes, you are right, many of competitors have same engagement rate as me, with strange jumps of activity, like account with 70k followers can have 3k likes on one post and then only 800 on another

Sadly my hashtag reach is not so good, its about 30-55% :weary: what should I do?

Thank you for mentioning this! Gladly I have these 2-4 followers per slave, but I have only 5 slaves because of manual working, so its not such a fast growing, F/UF from main usually bringing more, but I still don’t know is it safe for organic reach or not, its always been not good either I’m doing MF or not :thinking:

A lot of people do manual f/uf until about 10k followers usually. After 10k-20k they start relying on frequent posting and growing through explore page/hashtag reach.

For improving your hashtag reach, try to test out different variations of hashtags. Try the laddering technique ( small hashtags+medium + a few big ones ) , you can also just try only small+medium hashtags if the posts cant yet rank on higher hashtags.

Do you get any explore page reach? Or is it only hashtag reach+ organic feed reach?

Also, if you’re willing to invest, there are a few people in the forum that are offering manual m/s. It’s not that cheap though. There are people for automation m/s too, but it can be more problematic and less safe in the long term

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Thank you very much for tips!

My explore reach is low, its varying from 0 to 800, while content are very similar to those artists from my niche, who is appearing in explore with good activity, I don’t know why, maybe engagement from followers is not enough :weary:

Sadly my budget is very low, so Im thinking about continue manual f/uf but slower, not going hard, and continue manual m/s with few slaves

If it helps, I find my posts can reach anywhere from 20% to 60% of my followers, depending on how successful the post is.

This is on a community page with 11k followers that includes viral reposts in a pretty well established niche (sports).

The posts that get lower reach among my followers generally hit less than 500 likes, whereas something that goes (slightly) viral might hit 5-6,000 of my own followers. It’s very rare that I get more than that.

For myself, I can see the strong correlation between content quality and follower reach as I no longer do any growth methods beyond viral posting and normal community engagement.

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Also, reading this:

I know your pain when trying to hit explore. Have you ever tried not using hashtags?

What I noticed with the repost side of my community page is that objectively good pictures aren’t necessarily the best for hitting explore. I have super high level professional photos from my own events, and they don’t always do well on IG, but some garbage photographed with a potato will go viral!

I’d recommend sitting down and seeing exactly what components your best posts have, as well as competitors hitting explore and making the majority of future posts like that.

For example, are they a single subject or multiple? Close-ups or wides? A certain colour/style/vignette? Absolutely every variable has to be analysed

The most important thing to remember is don’t post what you like, post what they like.

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Thank you very much for sharing your experience and giving helpful tips!

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