Reach getting cut after first hour?

Hello everyone,

I’ve noticed something during the last few posts and days. My posts often start incredible well and reach around 700 people in the first hour (40k personal account), hashtags go up and it looks like the picture could reach at least 3k likes. However after the first hour the reach gets capped and it starts growing super slow. Going up to only 2300 likes at the end.

Any idea why? This hasn’t been the case before. Always reached at least 20k only from hashtags.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

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They always messing up with their new algos everyday and yes you are right this is happening for me this is Happening from months.

For me Posting Very high quality post will gets more engagements till the end.

You’re not the only one who reported a drop in reach since the last updates, they are always testing ways to force business to do ads!!

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You have a lot of strong topics about hashtags, I recommend them to you.
Additionally, you can do:

  • Change your hasztagi (you have to try other hashtags for a few days and see which ones you have the most)
  • Add better photos
  • Try different hours of adding posts (weekly throw in the morning / week at noon / week in the evening) and see at what time you have the best coverage.
    -After posting a photo, commenting and lajkowanie other users photos for an hour, mega increases the range if also in your direction will give the same (in the same subject as you!)
    -Add to a group (on your subject) which licks posts up to 30 minutes after uploading the photo.
    So they like your photo from the moment you upload up to 30 minutes, it also increases the range.
    -Mark popular accounts on your photos about your subject
  • Use the location
  • Create engaging descriptions
  • Try to reply to comments immediately (as soon as possible)
    -Also there are many methods for engaging people under your photo and it’s very interesting, look for please, you will be shocked.
    I can exchange a lot of such options but the point is to find them and see how little you know about the ranges :slight_smile:
    I had it myself

It’s so weird because I do all of that. My hashtags are working well. Following all the guides. Getting high reach from hashtags. Still don’t get why it suddenly slows down that much, so first hour 700 and then it only grows 100 every hour. It’s super weird. Also always just reaching 10 - 12k from home. I don’t get it

This started happening to me in May. Nothing I did changed. I always used great hashtags and made sure the content was on the same level as the other posts. I noticed my hashtag reach decreased, and after the first 2 hours, my reach pretty much tanked. Most of my likes came from my existing loyal followers lol. Anything else was from a paid ad, and like I was telling someone else in another thread, even the reach on my paid ads plummeted. This is happening to many of us. At first I thought it was some sort of shadowban. Then I thought it was because of less users on the platform due to all the F/UF and block issues. Now I think it’s just Instagram getting selfish and doing to their platform what Zuckerberg did to Facebook.

I think its always been like that. The rule of thumb for me is if i get around 1k likes whin the first hour the post will get around 3-4k if its around 1.5 k in an hour it ends up with 5 k etc.

They have cut down the reach by A LOT with the recent updates and I hate to say it but it looks like its slowly turning into facebook with the accounts getting lower and lower reach unless they advertise of course.

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I read on BHW written by one of the old boys in this field of automation, that when posting on IG, the algo decides to show your post to X amount of your viewers, and expect them to do X amount of actions inform of liking og commenting etc. If this value is reached it will additionally show it to X amount of people more. This way they try to filter out bad content from the good ones. So if your content is unique and good, it will reach a bigger audience. If you want to start of reaching a bigger audience you need to buy IG ads. But even that is not a guarantee for bigger engagement if your content isn’t good.
But as mentioned earlier in this thread reach has dropped a lot when trying to reach your own followers without buying ads.

I thought it’s just me lol. I thought it’s because I got a like block before that and they are fucking with my reach. Kinda glad to know it’s actually not just me.

Unlike Any time I remember Insta has a update daily. Before it was every few days. Me thinks it’s temp until they get these limits working semi bug free

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totally agree they are definitely turning it in to facebook and sooner or later another “IG” will pop up where everyone will move to.

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thy have made changes and it is affecting everyones reach but also do you do many actions such as likes, follow/unfollow and so on? do you get action blocks? that can change the way your reach works too.

Reach is definitely affected. Starts out really strong, stronger than before, and then plummets, deeper than before.

It feels like they are really pushing users to have to turn to paid ads to get high engagement numbers. This is same route FB went a while back. Organic reach for FB pages now is almost nothing without paying to boost it. I can easily see IG doing the same.