Reaching explore with or without hashtags?

Hi mpsocial,

What is your experience? Do you get more impressions from explore with or without hashtags? Hashtags are nowadays harder to hit so I was wondering if I should skip them all together or just use them and maybe sometimes I’ll get lucky.

I would definitely go with hashtags but it’s possible that you’ve got some sort of shadowban. Maybe stop posting couple of days. Also, don’t use the same hashtags over and over again.


I never use hashtags, I hit explore page from the quality of the content.


So long as you get the reach, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure the account is categorized to a niche & the content fits the page. IG will do its work where it hits best.

Also, consider changing your hashtag set if it fails to produce results after a 30 day period.

Instagram made it really clear that you do not need hashtags to reach explore and that the hashtags you are posting with are not relevant to that.


Yes, focus on the quality of the content.

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I don’t think you should stop using hashtags… posts can indeed reach explorer without hashtags, but hashtags can still bring more reach. Just make sure you don’t use too many hashtags and don’t post too often to avoid shadowban.

This is definitely correct. I have an account right now that I grew to 10k in 34 days. No use of hashtags, just quality content. The account has 3 posts currently on explore page.

Edit- No use of automation. Just manually grown.


So u did not even use for example power likes or shoutouts? Congrats :slight_smile: incredible growth

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Yeah I get impressions from both hashtags and explore but I read that a lot of you don’t Use hashtags - meaning just posting and reaching explore. I wonder if that only works for viral content though, what if it’s e.g. in the influencer niche? Is it’s best to use hashtags then?

My experience is that hashtags don’t work as they used to. It’s harder to reach top post, so impressions are always max 3k from hashtags. So maybe I should just not use them for a while…idk.

I get always impressions but not like 20k like last year. It’s more like 3k.

No powerlikes, shootouts, hashtags or anything… i post content usually 3 times a day. I grew 3k in the past 5 days from the three posts… which were all days apart.

I’m not going to lie like I’m some growth genius… because I’m not. I don’t usually grow accounts by hand, and only use ig for automation purposes. But I gave it a try with 5 accounts, and 3 out of the 5 grew really fast. The other two have less then 2500 followers each. But no use of any hashtags, powelikes, or anything like that… just post good ish. :slightly_smiling_face:


It sounds like you are a genius @Klique :muscle: :muscle:
Just sent you a DM
Congrats on the growth - really incredible!

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Lol, nah bro… like I said in my previous post, I’m new to growing accounts by hand. Yeah I have a few years experience with IG, but its only and always have just been doing automation for affiliate marketing/cpa. I’ve never had any use for hashtags, hence why I didn’t use them.

I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty impressed myself as I’ve never had that fast of growth with automation. If there are any doubts in what im saying, I’m willing to share the @ with a trusted member.


Thanks for the reply! Not doubting you one ioda! Totally believe your results - you were very helpful to me several months ago (see my DM) and I would love to see your @ page. I am just trying to learn about quality content and what I have been doing wrong this last year and half! Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, I remember when we did that thing with the proxy. Did you ever get a solution for that?

Sure thing, hmu on discord and I’ll gladly share it with you. Just crossing 12k today.

Tbh - I think the main reason it grew so fast was because 3 videos hit the explore page around the same time. Unfortunately one of them got reported, and removed.

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No… I tried multiple providers for several months and none of the proxies ever really worked that well. I currently only have 3 accounts on JV and using DC proxies. These 3 accounts have a long history now and I am using very conservative settings and they are working fine, but I am no longer uploading any accounts to JV. It is too much time, trying to solve all the problems. I am doing everything manually now. Do you happen to know anything about the Rocket app? I want to clone the IG app on my iPhone. Rocket definitely seems the best way to go, so far I have been unable to find out how to add it an iPhone.

Congrats on passing 12K - awesome. I sent you a DM. Thank you!

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My experience says 3 months.