Reaching Limits (Manual Growth)

Hey Pals,
We all know something called a 6000 follow limit per month. So if the monthly follow limit is 6000 then we can follow 200 people each day what I can do without issues in Manual 4G Growth.
But the problem happens when I try to do 400 actions a day. Cause we need to unfollow people. I am getting soft action blocks Following 200 and Unfollowing 200 a day.

To follow 6000 per month we need to unfollow 6000 per month So total 12000 actions per month! Daily 400 actions without getting blocks.

How are you doing? Anyone doing this much?
What’s your daily Manual action routine?

I recommend not doing more then 10.000 actions per month on a 2 month average. Everything above that can currently lead to issues. But testing is always key to find the limits for your individual setup.

Offtopic: I highly recommend going with Jarvee instead of doing everything manual.


What about daily follow and unfollow limit?
That’s what I am struggling with.

Means Scrapping with JV and doing actions manually? Or using scrapper account and doing actions in JV?

Yeah it’s not just about amount of follows per day or amount of unfollows per day. Every action counts and you should try to limit them to 10k per month. So try to calculate how many actions all your tools are performing and sum them up.

Okay so you are saying, liking, commenting, story viewing are actions included in this 10K?

we are also doing instagram manual growth and we are working with many agencies, thats true what you heard , but still try to follow limits we are doing 180-200 follow, 180-200 unfollow, 100-200 likes , around 50 comments, 20-30 dms

Are you doing 200 unf/ 200 follow in the same day manually?

What are the benefits of it, on a action limit / block amount side. I mean it is easier to manage accounts via Jarvee but manual actions usually get blocked less?

Agreed. I’m doing 150 F and 120-140UF with 140 comments and 200likes manually everyday.
You have to space you your actions.
Like I dp follow in a batch of 40. Then wait for an hour. Likes in a bath of 100. Comments in a batch of 40. And UF in a batch of 40.

Jarvee has been here since a long time and is reliable. Depending on untrusted and unaccountable backdoor providers for manual growth is not something you should - in my opinion - build a business on. Especially since most of those providers use automated bots in the background anyway but charge the extra because people think they are safe. Additional, trusting the clients account security and ownership over to a third party is a really really bad idea. Most of the people involved in those things are just here for a few quick bucks and then disappear over time.

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yes on same day

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