Real Device ID Android

Hello. I am engaged in the registration of accounts on instagram on the android api column. I noticed one factor, and this is a "device identifier” and it’s not easy to generate them, it’s suitable for an identifier that has already been registered and studied in the Google system, then this device identifier is valid. information that only one account account can be registered on one device identifier. I know that this is a device identifier that must be verified through SafetyNet certification, since it is a Google certificate. The device identifier that is suitable for registering an account on Instagram? Or learn to validate them.

Device ID Example:

Android ffeccbee39bf4ec4

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Are you talking about the SSAID?
They are purely random 64bit hex numbers generated on first boot or on device wipe. Random should be fine.

SaftyNet don’t check for registered Device ID >?

For educational purposes of course:
How safetynet works


Since when does IG use SafetyNet? :thinking:

It’s not about instagram. It’s about the device id parameter


check the APK it is all over there.