REAL ESTATE TARGETING - Targeting Local potential Buyers

On Fb ads you can try targeting people who like pages like Zillow and redfin. Im not sure if the likely to buy option is still there any more. Haven’t tested this myself yet, but plan to do it soon

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On Facebook, if you use some top of funnel videos that people buying (or selling) houses are going to be interested in. For example apartment walkthroughs (can be shot on a mobile phone), tips on how to increase the sale value of your home etc. Use these videos as a Facebook Ad optimised for video views. If the real estate agent has a buyer/seller list you could use this to make a lookalike audience and run the Ad to that audience.

Then run a second Ad retargeting engaged video viewers (from video Ad mentioned above) to a landing page with an incentive to give their email address and/or phone number. The CTA on Ad and landing page could be something like give your email address and phone number and we’ll send you more images and info on home(s) for sale etc (the Ad could give a teaser of the house for sale (maybe 5-10 images)), or a CTA for a seller could be “get a free home evaluation” etc.

I haven’t run this type of campaign myself, so not sure if it will work but I’m planning one at the moment.

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