REAL ESTATE TARGETING - Targeting Local potential Buyers

Was having some difficulty trying to figure out the ideal settings / mindset on how to target local potential buyers for a real estate agent. Was wondering if anyone had a suggestion(s) or settings? Would super appreciate it.

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Define local. How big is each area to target? A city? Bigger region?

I have some similar project here in Hungary.

I searched for high ticket restaurants, clubs, spas, etc. where the potential “buyers” could be hanging out. So far only 2 leads, but it is a really small area, and only started a week ago. I also use many keywords, to filter out young people, and fake profiles.

I appreciate any advice too.


The city is Toronto, Canada area. 50 mile radius ideally.

Yea… im finding it somewhat difficult cause people don’t often talk about BUYING A HOUSE, in a way that’s somewhat decent to target.

How about people that are getting married and start a family, or families in general, investors would a place i would look, i also would target the other real estate accounts, if you can’t find them with google + footprint " “k followers” real estate toronto" You could always use google maps or even better Yelp or other business directories

Openup all the sites in there and check if they have a instagram account going (if they don’t you could shoot them a mail to set on up for them :smirk:)

There are many ways to skin a elefant ;-))


I had the same request from some clients and it’s very complicated (to execute properly and to keep the clients focus).

What we did is:

. Making sure the client was focusing his content on his area with tons of value in it for locals (like the local newspaper would do it), including restaurant reviews, events mentions, etc…

. Targeting people localizing themselves in all the Instagram locations we could find around their targeted area.

It worked pretty well because engagement was really good. You need to communicate a lot with the clients, telling them it’s going to take time, because they might give up after a while.

When we started getting the very first leads, it was worth 1,000x their investment. That’s the good thing with real estate :slight_smile:

I hope it helps…


you could also source from other real estate accounts


Yea that’s a great idea, Tried it but I Noticed a lot of the accounts just happened to be OTHER real estate agents engaging with OTHER real estate agents haha almost like a circle jerk of sorts.


Very interesting, similar to what I was trying to look for and or find. I guess the difficulty I was having with targeting was not knowing who might be interested in buying / selling a house and who is just looking out of curiosity. Still trying to develop a sort of mechanism for determining that. Were you able to ?

Any chance of sharing what those keyword filters were to filter out young people?

It’s a carpet bombing strategy. You become a local authority and you end up reaching buyers and sellers without trying to reach them in the first place.


Facebook Ad Buyers?

If you are setting up your ads through the Facebook Ad Manager, when you are choosing your demographics you can pick the category “Likely To Move”. This is a category Facebook has setup looking specifically at behaviors and Page views that would put someone in that category. P.S. I’m a REALTOR and your IG account keeps popping up, as liking my different IG accounts and posts. It makes me smile every time because I know what’s up :slight_smile:


Haha no shit? I use that account to just do some quick work, and then upsell services from there.

"hey if you liked that perhaps you would be interested in…"
Since the rapport was already built. haha crazy though

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I would target all the smalller accounts that are surely real. This way

I’ve found it much easier to find prospective real estate clients on Adwords/GDN than on social media, just because of the kind of targeting options you get.

Search is really simple - just drum up 50-500 keywords with locality names + RE keywords (buy, purchase homes, etc)
GDN - Figure out your biggest competitors, target their website visitors with custom intent audiences.
Narrow down using demographics data (always uncheck “unknown” for both gender and age).
Narrow further by targeting placements on top 50 websites for RE in your area.

CTA - Free no-commitment phone consultation always seems to work.

You can run all the above using the same budget you use for your bot/proxies/etc and you should get good, qualified leads. Or at least that’s what I found for one of my clients in Australia.

For organic social media stuff, the carpet bombing strategy by @LordSW seems to be the most useful for my client. Just create content on top of content on top of content. Long term, but it eventually works out with the right mix.

For some wacky growth hacking techniques, you can try this: Find your biggest competitors in your area on Facebook. Get a Facebook scraper and scrape all their post comments in the last 3-4 months. You should be able to get at least 1-3% of their emails, with some luck even up to 5%. Hit them with some high conversion emails and see where it goes.

You can also use Linkedin to find people who might have the resources to move. Use the people search function - filter for biggest companies in your area, add your city as location, add “manager” or “director” or any senior position keyword in the Title and scrape all account names. Email IDs are usually or, and so on - Carpet bomb all variations with a ghost account and see where it goes. Some services actually help you get all these email IDs automatically, so you can search around for them.


Hey, I am in real estate trying to drum up a solid strategy. What would you charge to help my implement what you had mentioned above?

Help me organize it and I can manage it from there.
I have experience in adwords & mass planner & have an account where i can scrape Facebook emails, names etc…


Replied to your PM, mate! Cheers.

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What keywords do you use to filter YOUNG people bro?