Real Sim Cards Doing PVA, SMS Never Comes

I have big major huge issue, I own more than 100 real sim cards, with real numbers.
They where working okay till last week, PVA was normal, sms comes, everything superb.

But from last week, I don’t get sms, or I get it after 4-5 hours.

Anyone else with same issue? And I tried it with 50 Sim cards, even new ones never used, same issue.
Instagram having issue with their PVA division?

I simply don’t understand.


Working fine at my end. Let’s see if someone else is having the same issue as yours.

Yesterday I verified one acc with one new SIM.
Today, I go verify another acc with same number, sms never come.

I always use 1 sim on 2 accs.

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Try again after 24 h, sometimes your ‘serial’ phone number temporarily banned. (0812345, 0812346, 0812347, …). All number with series 08123… sometime doesn’t receive incoming sms.

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@webstartm any update on this? Did you try what @guntoroid suggested?

@Said This is quite intense. Have the same problems with many sims since this week.
Waited 2 days and tested with one. didnt work. Will try again tomorrow after 3 days on another one.
That would be a major fuckup if all the sims dont work anymore after the first verification

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i am also having the same problem… no msg is coming

I have this problem occasionally. I think it’s a network issue. I usually wait until the next day, try again and it usually works again.

If it still doesn’t work after 24h, it’s a problem with the SIM card.

If you’re not getting any signal at all on any of your SIM’s, then this usually means you’ve been cut off from the network. Some networks cancel numbers if they haven’t topped up with credit for a certain amount of time.

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Try to wait 24 hours after you activated a simcard. After you wait 24 hours, try to verify your account. I have sometime the same problem. Maybe this solution will work.

Seems many people have problem with IG,

I got PVA on 80% of my accounts.

Wonder if IG can detect MP and flag accounts or perhaps they can detect proxy now?

Also getting “network error” on Memu emulator (thethering on 3G), works fine with other apps.

If I verify account on server 80% accounts get banned!

Anyone else has this issue?

Message is different, see (notice blue bar missing on top):

I have to bump this bc I have the same problem

I have 2 acc on 1 sim and sometimes I don’t receive the sms.

1.I go on EB and try there and still not receiving it.
2. If I click forgot pass, they say the acc doesn’t exist
3. If I change it with a dummy number and change it back on the original one it doesn’t work.
3. When I try again with a different legitimate number it works.

I will try again in 24hrs for the numbers that didn’t work and report back

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We’ve been having this issue since December. Even up to this day, we haven’t found a “solution”, so to speak.

Just want to share some of our observations here:
1.) It is an IG problem BUT it is network specific (SIM card network, I mean).

  • From time to time, one SIM card network, no matter which numbers (old or new) will suddenly stop receiving any code. None at all. If you use a SIM card from another network, you will receive the code almost instantly. But then, the network that worked will also experience the same thing at a later date. And you will find that the previous network is working (sometimes not as well).

2.) No specific country

  • We began offering UK SIM cards in the assumption that it is our country’s phone numbers that are having problems. Unfortunately, even the UK SIM cards also have times when they don’t receive any codes at all.

3.) Problem lasts usually for just a few hours, sometimes days (2 days max, from what we observed)

What to do?

  • If your accounts ABSOLUTELY have to run 24 hours in a day (e.g. client accounts, slave accounts, etc.), I’d suggest buying SIM cards from different networks. Also advisable to throw in SIM cards from other countries in the mix. Just remember that constantly changing phone numbers on your account may not be the best and can get IG to flag your accounts.
  • Wait. Again, usually the issue only lasts for a few hours. What I do for my own accounts is to try and PV every hour until I receive the code.


Approximately 7 out of 10 numbers still don’t work.Some did worked only on my 2nd PV session.
The weird part is this: If I attach a new account that never had a PV to a number from an account with problems I still get a PV instantly.

Maybe the accounts with problems are :poop:

Never experienced this, it took minutes at most. Keep us updated pls!

Guys, I have to bump this topic as I’m having the same issue.

Yesterday I couldn’t get codes to any of my cards (about 100) , but after 4-5 hours wait it worked.

Today it doesn’t work again already for 12+ hours.

Did anyone find the solution?