Real Sim Pva first time and Ban ?!

Today i just received 3 bans , 1 hurted as it was 3k real following but anyways here are my observations and i am really comfused :
Note : accounts do Not have Any link on their bio !

-I pva’d the account in the past with real sim-same country and as of mistake i used 1 New sim to re-pva the 3k account and was dissabled.
Thought : different number ok maybe !

-I used another sim card(never used in the past) to pva one account -> banned !

Thought : no thought rediculous but happened

-I used the same sim card banned the previous account for another one and it was pv’ed ok
Tried it for another account and sms never came

So now , shall i kick out of instagram the sim cards banned accounts ? Are they also flagged ?
May i need to use 1 sim / account only ? For online sms services if not private numbers my experience is dramatic…

most of the times the accounts and their state are causing issues. sim cards, proxies are all secondary mostly (but can lead to a bad account state)

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What do you mean the accounts and their state ? (pva plays a role at least i did not receive 100 bans like previous time from online overused numbers)

It is what it is, as stated by reply above. What he mean is exactly what he mean. Read it, re-read it, and if you still don’t understand, re-re-read it again until you get it.


I’ve always wondered why people sell their accounts short, treat their accounts short, and then cry about it when they get banned.

In any case, just recover your account.

If your sim is connected to a banned account, throw it away. Destroy it. Flagged or not, if I’m growing accounts, even if it only has 1k followers, I wouldn’t take the risk.

This is the best and most acceptable practice, highly-recommended by everyone, You haven’t been doing this?

But… in all fairness… it is possible that a SIM card is pre-banned. Depends on the lifespan of SIM cards in your country, networks recycle numbers at least a month after expiration and resell them as brand new SIM cards. If you have a lot of people in your country mass producing accounts OR mass-spamming Instagram, the possibilities go higher. But the probability of you drawing this card is minimal. Unless your mass-creating and mass-spamming Instagram by the thousands or at least the hundreds level.

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this method worked for me,
when ever i get phone verification,i will stop that account in mp.
then i will clear cache and data on Instagram app on ma Android device.
then i will login from it and do the PV from it and do manual browse fr a day.
and logout the next day,
again clear cache and data from device then start again on MP

not doing from WiFi,but from normal data connection fr the safety.


My account was not doing mass-spamming , thanx for advice i would use banned sim for small /new accs.When grow 1 sim/account (or private number).

No crying about it , im still on my foot having more than 125 instagram bans this month profiling all those accs ect


i know , but so much time consuming connecting with cellular conection , disconecting ect It work ok but imagin having 30 pv’s then i lose all day for pv’s ? Got to be a better way…

That’s what i did yesterday , i meditated accepted “it is what it is” and went to sleep

Verifying on abused datacenter proxies which ur provider gives you is the reason for the ban. Account state plays a role as well. Numbers, the times they have been used to verify, their origin and all that crap doesnt matter. A number is a number, simple as that. Look at it this way:

Datacenter proxy + bad account state(this means u have used a bot for your account) = ban on pv 99%.

Residential ip or 3g ip + bad account state = 99% successfull pv.

Residential ip or 3g ip + good account state = 100% sucessful pv.

There is a method to verify your account on a datacenter proxy that works for pv 90% of the time even if your account is in a bad state but for the sake of the method i will not be sharing it here. But i will tell you that it is posted public on a forum similar to this one.

Instagram would never ban an account that is from a home ip on verification unless your account has been hit with PV too many times.

So my suggestion is to use your home ip to verify your accounts but this applies only if u have dynamic ip(can change it for each account each time u verify), also make sure to clear cookies, cache and all that shit including changing user agent. And u gotta rest your account for a few days each time u change its IP and warm it up afterwards so u dont raise any flags.

But all of the above will not help you since your account probably has flagged content and even if you follow the steps above and successfully verify you will still be fu**** in the end.

IG is hard my friend :slight_smile:


You are assuming there is a way to get 100% success on a PV? That does not sound right :stuck_out_tongue:


@HenryCooper I have never heard my any of my friends complain about ban after PV on their personal IG accs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s because those accs are usually very aged and on residential IP and don’t do 1k follows a day.

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@dddd Exactly

Ok , so no other way from using residential or 3-4g ip’s different each time.
Note : yes it works i have tested it

  • changing useragent.Thanx for all the information it helps.

But here pops another question :

-I see people using a massive amount of accs , so each time they pv one they do all those steps ? So… half of the week doing that for 500 accs ??(just an example)…there must be a faster and easier way…50 instagram Maximum from now on this is too time consuming

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Nah i dont think so, People managing that much accounts have lots of money, connections and knowledge. They probably just click a button and verify all of them lol or hire someone to do it :grin:

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ok , i get it-so Eb with 1 sim / account your experience indicates ban sooner or later ?

Sory for asking again - just to put it in my head and stop thinking “:it can work”"

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I sent u a PM

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May I propose the service It may be useful for you. Thanks.