Reason of shut down instagram pages

Hello everybady
Please i want to ask you guys, i have instagram page with dog niche, evry thing was going okay, but these four days ago i lost my engagement i from 250 followers a day i get now just 40 follower a day.
What is the problem ? And for i’formations guys, i did not change any things

i don’t get it, u mean u’re like growing slow / engagement slown down / or shut down?

Thanks, i mean engagement shut down

try to post albums and use 5-10 hashtags

I will try to do that thank you so much

Post with less hashtag and also try to post quality content with some engaging content as well.
Engage with your followers - IMP as far as I heard.
Hope I helped

also test albums with 2-3 pics + video

Try changing hashtags you’ve already been using and post some unique and quality content. Also, try posting content that is related to your account’s niche.