Rebranding a niche page to personal

I posted earlier about some accounts I bought with the intentions of monetising and reactivating them. Results aren’t that great and since the pages aren´t really that big I thought of setting one of them as a personal.

Is it worth it? You guys think the name changing could make the account untrustworthy? I’ve already changed the name of two accounts (one I found out has already been changed 5 times before and some names were from other niche) to something in the niche and it seems everything is fine but for a personal I’ll need to archive lots of photos and all that.


If you’re doing it just for vanity numbers, well… You’ll be destroying the account.

Keep in mind, people followed the niche page for that content, not necessarily to follow you or a personal page.

If your interests are in that niche & you plan on personally posting about that niche, then the rebrand shouldn’t do much, but you would be wise to notify followers of the change before you do it.

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I like to think of each IG account as a website. Every time you change an Instagram account username it’s like changing a website domain. You are erasing the SEO for the website and need to start over. The same goes for Instagram.

The approach would be to look for brand deals and products since for shoutouts I’m not getting anything yet. I would be personally posting about the niche so not a huuuge change I think. My main doubt is if brands can see this as a bad practice or something.

I get that, but the idea started since the account isn´t that big and has not many posts or tags. It’s starting again but not loosing much. Or that’s what I feel but this is the first time I’m into managing accounts bigger than my 300 follower personal.

This can work in the Babes/Models/Hot niche.

It cal also work if the page is very closely related to the influencer and they have top notch content, but 9/10 times it fails and kills the account.

I agree with what said above it’s better to avoid that as much as possible

Thanks all, I’ll follow the recommendations and won’t change to a personal. Just going to try and redirect some followers to the one I already have.