Receiving account disabled after PV

Here lately the last 5 or so accounts I’ve tried to PV are disabling me after PV.

Lets start by some questions before :slight_smile:

  1. What kind of proxys/proxy provider do you use ?
  2. What PVA method do you use ? ( proper sim cards/ Virtual PVA services )

Good private proxies only used for IG - never corrupted
Using phyiscal sims

4/5 disabled.

Did you tryed using other proxies ?

Do you activate them manual or using an automated bot ?


Figured it out, its the proxies. That really sucks consider ive got 50 accts running on them. I think my test was large enough to determine def. proxies because i did 5 of them and all disabled, did 4 running other proxies all valid


Glad you figured it out.

I once had a similar problem with facebook and a proxy provider as they sold me shared proxies and mentioned them as private. The solution here is just to change the provider to a more stable one.

Do you mind me asking who it was that sold you shared saying private? What provider do you recconmend

@Cynic Who is the proxy provider?

It may not be the proxies. I cant be positive, so I cannot out them as the reason without a larger dataset than what I’ve done thus far

Proxies are not the issue in 90% cases, there are tons of threads/users in same boat, MP is killing mostly all your accounts when you are trying to get them verified over EB or API, just browse the forum.

but yea lets blame proxies :slight_smile:

I know how you feel. However, as @Cynic suggested, you can’t oust someone if you don’t have enough data to prove it. There are a lot of users that use IG on Mass Planner and didn’t experience what the other user experienced.

The only difference is that users that does not have an issue with their account being suspended will not post a thread about it but the once who do will. If you are saying that Mass Planner is killing the IG accounts because of those thread then what can you say about the other users who are using MP that’s doing fine?

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Aren’t the hundreds of posts about that “instant ban” after verifying accounts over API/EM not enough ?

Just have a check on the most recent actives threads about it tbh.

When 100’s of accounts get instant banned over EB/API, but meanwhile with the sames proxies, not a single account is banned when verifying them with phones or android emu, yes, thats enough, at least in my customer side to say that there is an issue with MP.

Thank you for the feed back. We do read those post and always check our end whether something is wrong or not. We don’t intend to keep bugs (if there’s any) just to get our users account ban. Please do understand that a lot of users also run accounts on mp without issue.

As I read and checked about those thread, some things are pretty common. The accounts are bought from someone else and usually in bulk (which we don’t know for sure the quality of the account), they are using proxies and some of them, when they changed the proxy provider, the isnta ban didn’t happen on their other account.

We’re really sorry if you feel this way and we do understand. We will try our best to investigate this issue and correct this if ever we find it on our end.

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There are always going to be 100s of accounts getting instant banned. This is a very easily accessible software that isn’t idiot proof. I believe it is much more likely that people aren’t being thorough enough and make mistakes/buy shit accounts and proxies. Just yesterday I accidently put an account on my home IP and then switched it to the proxy. Probably looks really bad! I’ve yet to get a single account of mine banned and I’ve used both the EB and API.

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Found the proxy provider! J/K!

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I’ll just leave this here:


a related thread on the same issue

Just to be clear I never blamed MP, nor did I blame the proxies, or anything in particular. I’m just seeking a solution to a problem I hadn’t encountered. That’s all.